Merrow Down Country Club



Merrow Down Country Club has been one of our most loyal customers and after 5 years of working together, we would like to thank them for their support. Our partnership began in 2013 and each year we have painted 1/5 of the properties during the winter months. This has worked extremely well and as of the end of August, the entire estate has been completed. 

Merrow Down Country Club is a sectional title residential complex for the active over 50’s consisting of over 150 properties. Each year, a team of 6-8 painters has taken on 30+ units over a 2.5 month period. The colour scheme was changed so the project included the repainting all external walls and ceilings, treatment of the wooden trusses, as well as the steel window frames. 

In 2017, the project was supervised by Thulani Sithole and his team of 8 painters did an excellent job with several homeowners complimenting him on the high quality of the workmanship. Well done team! They have now moved on to another redecorating job in Bryanston so be on the lookout for a project review of Cara Blu early next year.